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Foot Health

Total Body Wellness Starts From the Ground Up!

               Foot health begins when we learn to walk, and continues to grow more important as we age. The arch of the foot (shock absorber) begins to develop when we are very young. As we age the strength of the arch begins to decrease and weaken.

      We spend the majority of our life on our feet, which puts our feet under a constant state of stress. It is lack of awareness and knowledge of proper foot care that can create issues such as knee, hip, and lower back pain. Health problems such as diabetes and arthritis can also be the culprits of poor foot health.

           Your arches are as individual as your finger prints, meaning no two feet are exactly the same. Because of this, everyone will have individual footwear needs. These needs can be met by consulting with one of our Pedorthists or trained fitting staff. Remember, think of your body as a building; the better the foundation, the longer the structure will hold up.


Prevention is the best medicine. Starting early can make the difference!

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